May I present teck-meck?

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Pardon, What?

it is a playful name deriving of "teck" (for technology obviously) and the German word heckmeck (kind of chaos) which imo describes the situation a lot of parents feel they are stuck in. There are so many errands to run, so much on your mind. Trying to keep your family well fed, fit and happy, flourish your reletionship, excell at your work, give the best support to your kids. The day is too short for all this.

No wonder many hate the omnipresent technology, which especially they kids get very fond of. whereas their parents don't have time or liking or skills to get into it.

This is where my teck-meck blog is coming to rescue. Give you some ideas about what toys, apps, games, projects might be helpful for the development of you children. How to help them (and yourself) embrace technology, grow with it and use it to your advantage rather than being overwhelmed by it. I hope to give you a positive, and relaxed, fresh view on the technology and the opportunities it offers. As opposite to the whole bashing of digital tools and screen time for children that I observe all around the internet.


My deepest hope is to help some kids prepare for the school and professional life ahead, help some girls while embracing the technical world, what ever they hear about women in tech being said around them.

My favorite part of teck-meck though is the coding category. As a software developer myself I think software engineering train logical thinking and analytical skills but also help to strenghten kids self-esteem and gives them power to became a creator instead of a passive observer.

More of such essays around upbringing and digital education you will also find in the blog.

And so that I could profit from the work I invest in the blog, there are a few affiliates links to third party webshops. When you click on it before buying products, I will be having a small share while the price stays the same for you.


there it is

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