Surf spots

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Baleal, Portugal

Our first surf camp back in 2015 I suppose. the surf school went bancrupt some time later so I can't give any recommandations... But I still wear their T-shirt for sleeping. Physically we were quite under pressure. the whole morning until lunch in the water. You just wanted to chill around in the afternoon and that it how we realise why the surfers are so cool, they are just wasted... ;)

Nice little town with its own beaches. We were on the one in the south, a nice cafe/restaurant on it, sometimes really big waves. That is when the locals come out with their trucks and dogs and go do some real surfing...

See Baleal Beach on Google Maps

Some nice hikes around possible, also on the baleal island itself. along the beach there was a nice long road for riding longboard if you still can. Peniche just next to it is well known surfing spot.

Bundoran, County Donegal, Ireland

Bundoran Beach was vast, windy und quite cold the time we were there. With proper neoprene no problem though. It was so long ago, I don't remember the surf school we chose, but they took us and the boards to the beach and back by car so that you can dress and shower in warm spaces. We had a crazy cool instructor talking Irish and we got a hot chocolate afterwards. it was magnificent.

We stayed at a hostel that was full of surfers as well.

See Bundoran Beach on Google Maps

You can also book a bath in seaweeds or ride on the beach and through the beautiful dunes on the horses back.

Australia, South-East coast

We surfed in a few spots there. Port Fairy, Lorne, Torqey and Narooma. We had a big campervan and could rent and transport our boards to the beautiful nearby beaches. Still even then it was a hazel. It is something else if you are a local, have one of these big trucks and your own surfboard, then you can surf all the time and everywhere in Australia. But on our road trip with an infant it was not that easy to integrate in the journey.

Once we even rented a board from somebody online and step into his backyard to get and later return the board left there lying for us on the lawn :) and we put the money in his letter box. People there were terrific.

One spot was special for us though, Lorne. We stayed on the parking lot next to the beach, there were parrots flying everywhere. And on the other side of the street there was a rental and some restaurants. It was really convenient and we loved that place. See Lorne Beach, VIC on Google Maps

And another beautiful surf beach in Torque

Plage Goulien, Crozon, Fr

A long beach with steady waves and almost turquoise water. perfect for kids and beginners. There is a nice camping site next to it and on the way down you can grab a board at the rentals. you can also book some lessons.

For us, it was perfect. So easy going. We had the kids and all the stuff for the beach with us and we still could surf a bit spontaneously. In between we ate at the crêperie on the camping site. Other then that there are also some caves to see, quite some tides, beautiful hikes possible around on the rocky shore.

See Plage Guilien on Google Maps


There is this famous surfing spot Denmark's Cold Hawaii that we want to test in the near future as you can visit it from Hamburg with a 5 hours drive. See Cold Hawaii here on Google Maps

And Bornholm is supposed to have a few spots, let's see. TBC